YxYY 02 at the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

YxYY 02 Portraits. Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

Portrait of the photographer. Ace Hotel, Palm Springs.

"If you lived here, you’d be home now." Palm Springs, CA.

Colors, shapes and textures of Palm Springs from YxYY 02.

It’s all in the details. 1965 Ford Falcon. Los Angeles, CA.

A selection of America Day portraits. Los Angeles, CA.

Self Portrait - Succulents at Glenfeliz, Los Angeles, CA

This past October the crew at Polyvinyl Records hired me to follow starfuckermusic around and take photos of ‘em while they rocked San Francisco for two days. I made some fun portraits of the band after they recorded their rdio​ Sessions—which was released today—and was so happy to see one of those portraits on the album cover! 

These guys were so fantastic to work with, and I just love their feel good music. I definitely hope our paths cross again soon. You can give the album a listen here: http://rd.io/x/QwMjGi_m/

Sarah Palmer (sarahpalmer) inside the Maker Faire light forest.

That moment when an opportunity to do something creative that’s just a bit outside of my comfort zone presents itself and my brain begins to fill up with an overwhelming amount ideas and plans is one of my favorite things. When Ford asked me to work with them again, but this time to share my view of moversandmakers at Maker Faire in the Bay Area I just couldn’t resist. Hope you enjoy my first stop-motion video: an ode to the #unminivan! Music: “Arpanauts” by Eric Skiff.

Life inside trees. Northern California. [3/3]

Life inside trees. Northern California. [2/3]

Life inside trees. Northern California. [1/3]

Redwood Wanderers, Northern California.