After two incredible years—and one wild ride—June 28th will be my last day at Instagram. It’s been an honor to help Instagram’s community grow from 7 million to 100 million users and an even bigger honor to have worked alongside such a seriously talented team of people. It’s been an unforgettable experience, to say the least.

So, why am I leaving? Because it’s time for me to follow my dreams, of course! After countless InstaWalks, photo adventures and friendships formed with photographers through Instagram over the last few years it has become more and more clear to me that photography is my passion. Thanks to the encouragement from the Instagram community and support from my teammates I finally have the courage to pursue that dream. To start, I’ve joined Tinker*Street's newest venture, Tinker*Mobile, and I couldn’t be more excited to run full speed ahead at photography (with a tiny dash of fear, but mostly excitement)!

Instagram has always been and will continue to be a place I consider home, so sit down, hold on and tune in to watch me take this leap! And THANK YOU for your constant love and support.

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